Can customers do a GUI customization on their own as well?
If customers do not want to rely on WeRobots GmbH to do any customizations or add any new features, they can do so themselves by using the provided API in C++ or via Web Sockets. However, this implies that a customer would have to develop their own GUI and some way to update its contents (e.g. a CMS), as the source code of the white-label GUI and CMS by WeRobots GmbH will not be provided.
What is the delivery time after placing an order?
Robots are ready for shipment within three months after purchase order.
How long does the installation and training, at the venue, take?
That depends on the complexity of the robot application, the amount of robots and the size of the venue. The following steps need to be done: unpacking of the robots, mapping of operational environment, editing the maps, installation of sensors for prohibited areas, installation of the CMS and the robot server software on a server, configuration of the WiFi and remote access, definition of waiting and destination points, areas for the group performance, installation of the charging stations, teaching of the charging stations, schedule and daily life cycle definition (when should group performance take place) and the overall test and fine tuning of the robots in operation. If requested, the content (text, pictures, videos etc.) still needs to be supplied to the CMS by We Robots GmbH.
How does it work to teach the robot new destinations (e.g. shops)?
The operator needs to go to the new shop together with the robot, move him manually to this destination and register this destination within the admin page.
How long does it take to charge the battery and how long can WeRobots operate?
A complete re-charge takes about 6 hrs. WeRobots can operate up to 12 hrs per charge. It is possible to re-charge WeRobots a shorter time, e.g. 2 hrs, which leads to a reduced time of operation.
Where is the charging station installed?
The charging station is installed on the wall. It has contact plates for charging.
Which HS code will be used for the transport (customs duty number)?
We use the customs tariff number 84795000 (industrial robot).
Which safety options do WeRobots provide?
Due to its laser ranger & bumper WeRobots reduce the speed of the robots and stop immediately.
How many WeRobots can customers order?
Since WeRobots are characterized by their group features, the group of robots communicate and interact with each other. Furthermore synchronized group performances can be done by WeRobots. In general there is no order limit. In the Macalline shopping mall in Shanghai, 50 WeRobots are in action. The minimum number of robots to be purchased is three.
How many robots are recommended in terms of the venue size?
For each level of a standard shopping mall we recommend at least five robots.
How can customers change the content on WeRobots?
The customers can change content displayed in the GUI (Graphical User Interface; Touchscreen) easily using a CMS, delivered along with the robots. The CMS can be accessed via a web browser either in a local network (e.g. WIFI) or remotely (internet). Since the provided GUI is a white-label solution, the changes possible via the CMS also include the visual appearance of the GUI to enable customers to add their own brand and logo.
Which issues are included in the operation manual?
An operation manual in English is provided. It shortly describes how to use, to switch-on & off and to clean the robot. More detailed information about adjustable options is not included so far, because they are often tailored to the needs of the customer.
Are WeRobots able to evade people automatically when moving around the aisles?
WeRobots evade people and objects automatically when driving forward.
What kind of entertainment do WeRobots offer?
WeRobots can entertain customers by doing group performances, playing quiz games and displaying entertaining content on their screen. WeRobots can also guide customers to shops or any places they want to go within the venue. This function is absolutely unique.
Which kind of quiz are provided?
The CMS natively supports quiz questions with multiple answers, from which any subset can be marked as correct. Quiz questions can be grouped into quiz categories. One game session would e.g. consist of a number of questions of a certain quiz category, which the user has to answer in a certain amount of time. Afterwards, depending on the number of correct answers, the user may get congratulated or win a numerical prize code to be redeemed by the operator of the venue. As the answers by the user will be transmitted to the CMS, one can use the quiz questions to create questionnaires as well. A quiz category can be marked as “questionnaire”, so the user will just be prompted to answer the questions without time constraints or the ability to win. This allows the operator of the venue to get anonymous statistics from the users, e.g. age distribution and family size.
What are group performances/group formations?
During a formation, the robots will drive around synchronized. They can drive paths, turn, switch their LED patterns and play sound files while in formation.
How does the video call feature work?
On each robot you can choose other available WeRobots and you can initiate a video call. A user at the chosen robot can answer the call. This is a special feature operators can order in addition.
Do WeRobots provide a speaking feature?
WeRobots can play any WAV file that was previously recorded by text-to-speech software or by using a natural speaker.
In how far do WeRobots act autonomously?
WeRobots only need operator intervention when some extraordinary situation occurs, e.g. the robot was displaced by customers or has lost its localization due to driving around in a very crowded environment and not being able to see the walls anymore. In the regular use case, the robots will drive around autonomously, will guide customers autonomously, and will find their charging station to “sleep” for the night autonomously. WeRobots automatically turn off. In the morning, they will “wake up” and continue their duty. Special activities, e.g. driving formations, will be triggered or scheduled by the operator, so that the WeRobots can perform them.
How does the VIP feature work?
Using the built-in RFID reader, operators can grant certain customers extended functionality. The VIP customer will receive a registered chipcard or RFID token, which can be used to identify as a VIP customer when interacting with the robot. The customers only need to hold the card a few cm. away from the RFID reader which is positioned under the multi touch screen.
Can the colour of the outside shell be changed?
Yes, the colour of the outside shell can be changed. It can be any color according to the standard RAL catalogue (extra charge).
How does the theft protection option work?
WeRobots play an alarm sound if they are moved by an user or in case of shocks. A vertical acceleration sensor detects if the robots gets lift up.
How do WeRobots approach humans? Do they have voice recognition?
WeRobots feature the following functions „Waiting for customers“ or turning around. „Waiting points“ are needed so that customers can engage with the robots. During those „waiting points“ WeRobots are actively approaching humans in their environment. While driving, they will not stop and interact with humans. WeRobots drive around the venue on an operator-defined schedule, and will stop periodically to allow customers to easily approach them. They do not have voice recognition, as loud venues, multinational customers and regional dialects make for a sub-par voice recognition performance. WeRobots actively approach customers in a way that as soon as the robot comes to a stop, it will take some time and scan the immediate area in front of the robot with its laser range finder. If it detects the characteristic shape of a standing human, it will turn towards that person and greet her/him. If there is more than one person in front of the robot, it will drive to the person who has been detected at first.
How can customers implement new features?
We Robots GmbH can customize the GUI individually upon request.
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