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WeRobots reflect a multifaceted new approach towards personalized customer care. Beyond that these unique kinds of service robots animate the whole environment of any location. From shopping malls over FECs to science centers – WeRobots fit into any place where visitors and customers are seeking entertainment, information and guidance.

The features of WeRobots are based on Experience, Guidance & Infotainment. In these days customers are sophisticated. Visitors are longing for meaningful experiences and memorable moments. WeRobots perfectly meet their demands entertaining and interacting with them during their visit. Accompanying visitors to desired destinations, acting as shopping guides, vitalizing less visited areas  – WeRobots offer boundless skills.

We Robots GmbH is a joint venture between the Austrian company Attraktion! GmbH & the German company Metralabs GmbH.


The headquarter as well as the production facility are situated in Ilmenau, Germany.

Attraktion! GmbH

Attraktion! is a specialized group of companies. Behind the brand is Markus Beyr, an Industry veteran who has been working in the leisure and entertainment sector for more than 20 years. Attraktion! develops, consults and stages not only attractions such as brandlands, amusement and theme parks, FECs, science centers etc., but also creates own experience products.

MetraLabs GmbH

MetraLabs GmbH owns an international team with a profound know-how in respect of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science based on past experiences in the automobile industry and with automation technologies etc. The company features the development and manufacturing of mobile robots.


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