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? All world languages

High definition 15.4" Multi-Touchscreen

Camera & microphone

A 3D sensors


Sophisticated CMS

q Modifiable content

" Theft protection

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different fields of

shopping malls
family entertainment centers
science centers
events / corporate events

Our Product

WeRobots. Entertainment Performances. Personal VIP Assistants. Autonomous Guides.

Beyond delivering information and guidance to visitors, WeRobots offer interactive entertainment.

WeRobots communicate with each other, act together, approach and interact with people in their environment.

WeRobots represent entertainment, information, guidance and personal VIP customer support.


Entertainment Performances - The robots act in groups and entertain people with eye-catching group performances due to their 3D sensors. Customers can get in touch with each other from different locations because WeRobots offer a telepresence function.

Personal VIP Assistants - WeRobots independently move to different locations. WeRobots become personal assistants by accompanying guests to their point of interests as they provide a VIP guide function. In addition customer-specific data and preferences can be saved on loyalty cards that can be read by WeRobots.

Autonomous Guides - Wherever customers seek information or advice, WeRobots serve as mobile customer support. WeRobots provide high-class multimedia guidance, information and respond to customers’ questions.

WeRobots provide a variety of features in order to communicate and interact with their environment.


  • All world languages
  • High definition 15,4” multi touchscreen
  • Camera & microphone
  • 3D sensors
  • RFID
  • Sophisticated CMS
  • Modifiable content
  • Theft protection

“Robots guide people to their point of interest”


The field of application of WeRobots is multifaceted and boundless: shopping malls, family entertainment centers, science centers, brandlands, museums, exhibitions, events, corporate events, airports, expos etc.

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